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                                    You’re busy. You want your home to feel pulled together.                                     

But you’d honestly just love to hand the project over and get it done.

Gardenia Cottage Interiors

Step 1 | Consultation: A 1-hour preliminary meeting at your home, no commitment! Let's just chat about your project, show us the space you want to address, and determine if we are a good fit for one another.

Step 2 | Design Plan - If we determine we are in fact a good fit, our team will create a design plan including a comprehensive quote sheet for our design time. This way you are aware of costs before making any kind of commitment.

Step 3 | Design Process - This is a very simple, very exciting, 3 phase process.

  1. Design Development - Whether it's furnishings, new construction, or remodeling, leave the designing to us...all you have to do is approve the selections!

  2. Order Management - We handle that, too! From placing orders, to managing orders, creating construction documents for your contractor, and everything in between.

  3. Installation - Once all of your furnishings arrive at our warehouse, we come to your home and execute one full install, top to bottom! Prepare to cry happy tears, it happens all the time.

Gardenia Cottage Interiors
Gardenia Cottage Interiors
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